What is everyone saying about TBA?

Killian Donnelly – Olivier / What's On Stage Award Nominated Actor

“The only attributes a new performer should need are potential and a willingness to learn. Their financial background should not be a consideration. This is why I believe that The Brighton Academy is the most important new college in the country.”

Adam Boland – Boland and Reeve

“To stay a top agent you need to represent the best new graduates. This is an ongoing, yearly commitment and one that we take very seriously. Having done this for a number of years, it is my firm opinion that The Brighton Academy are years ahead of where todays main colleges were at the same age. I applaud the commitment and dedication of all involved at TBA and know that it is only a matter of time before they become industry leaders themselves.”

Aaron Lee Lambert - Square Mile Management

"The Brighton Academy trains students with a passion and attention to detail that’s unparalleled. It’s Patrons, Principals and Faculty are not only active, working professionals but also leaders in the industry. What TBA has managed to accomplish in a few short years is remarkable.”

Tara Wilkinson – West End Resident Director

“The reason why I believe everyone is talking about the work being done at The Brighton Academy is because the team behind it are comprised of some of todays most respected professionals in the industry and therefore the students are receiving up to date tuition about todays profession.

They do not just teach them how to sing, dance and act, but how to be a good professional. I cannot agree more with their concept of “talent earning you your first job, reputation earning you a career,” and this is why I believe The Brighton Academy is light years ahead of any other new college in the country and why I would not hesitate to see any TBA graduate for any of my shows in the future.”

Alastair Taylor - Alliston & Co.

"The Brighton Academy has greatly impressed us over the past few years with the very high standard of training provided. In a very short space of time, the college have managed to establish themselves as a main player within Musical Theatre training in the UK. The students are taught all of the necessary practical skills required for the business, along with an attitude and professionalism that is sometimes lacking in students from other colleges.

The in house shows are always extremely well produced and really show off the students to their full potential.

We have represented graduating clients from TBA over the past few years who have always been a pleasure to work with. We have always received excellent feedback from casting directors and employers."

Stephen Mear – Tony / Olivier / What's On Stage Award Winning Director & Choreographer

“I am honoured to be a patron of The Academy. Brighton thrives on the Arts industry, the location is wonderfully diverse and feeds the Arts community between there and London. It seems only fitting that Brighton itself be given its own Academy which will be populated with four well-respected, hard-working Principals along with some tremendously talented teachers. The Academy’s philosophy of making the fees more affordable makes it possible for all students interested in Performing Arts to have a better chance of fulfilling their dreams.”

David Weedall – Fringereview.co.uk

“Rent traces the lives of a number of young people who live in or near a New York rented apartment. Amongst these there is a nerdy filmmaker Mark Cohen. Mark’s former girlfriend, Maureen Johnson; Maureen’s lawyer and lesbian lover, Joanne Jefferson; Mark’s room-mate, HIV-positive musician and former junkie, Roger Davis; Roger’s new girlfriend, the HIV-positive drug addicted dancer, Mimi Marquez; their former room-mate, HIV-positive computer genius Tom Collins; Collins’ HIV-positive drag queen/lover Angel; and Benjamin Coffin III, a former member of the group who has since become their unpleasant landlord. These are very mixed up young people all seeking to come to terms with life and in many cases, their own sexuality in an era when HIV was rife across the world and AIDS was a tragic death sentence. Hardly the subject for an upbeat musical you might assume, right? Well, you’d be wrong!

Right from the start of the performance, the various characters draw you into their confused and disordered world. Once your attention is captured, you soon become hooked and the sheer energy of the piece whisks you along at high speed. Every square millimetre of the theatre space is utilised as the action on stage is taken right into the heart of the audience, giving them a very real sense of involvement. Scenery changes are quickly executed moving rapidly from an apartment to an HIV support group, an exotic pole-dancing club, a tube train, back to the apartment etc. etc. This is no low-budget show, but one where all the necessary disciplines for musical theatre are strongly displayed.

Tim Newman’s Direction is razor sharp, and Emma Green’s Choreography, supported by Kate Alexander and Stuart Dawes, is to die for. The singing is superb as one by one, these well-known numbers are rendered by the highly talented cast. The lighting for this show is phenomenal for a small theatre and great credit must go to an excellent band of musicians who move the story forward with excellent rhythm and pace.

But let’s be honest; the subject matter is fairly stark and the book and lyrics do not pull any punches. This is 1989 New York life in the raw and so unlike today, people of any age suffering with HIV at that time, saw little hope of any real future. The

theme of death is never far from consideration and towards the conclusion of the piece, two of the principle characters die. These poignant scenes are so delicately and sensitively handled by the young cast that by the end of this show, there is barely a dry eye in the house. But although the serious issues surrounding drug taking, sexual identity, gay issues and even death are there for all to see, this musical is interlaced with strong life affirming numbers that help you gain a certain perspective; that every minute of your own precious life is incredibly valuable.

This is a challenging piece for any company to attempt, but the students at the Brighton Academy of Performing Arts tackle this show with what appears to be great ease. The characters within the story are all brilliantly portrayed by a fantastic cast of principle leads, and a truly exceptional ensemble. I have decided not highlight any particular cast members here as there are two principle casts for this show, who swap in and out of the ensemble on certain performances; so if I begin, I am sure to miss someone out. However, suffice it to say that here you have a company of highly talented young musical-theatre actors and dancers, working together as a team to find success, and that oft-elusive goal is well achieved.

The Brighton Academy for Performing Arts have put on a Graduation Show that really did not feel like one. The entire piece was to a high professional standard that would easily match any performing arts course in the UK and felt just a few short steps away from the West End. This was a truly unforgettable show that will live long in my memory and I suspect, in the memories of many of the audience who gave a long standing ovation at the conclusion of the performance.”

Ben Lambert - Platform Talent Management

“I must commend the concept of this years show! A take on one of my favourites, Fame!
It was great to see a graduate production showing off true triple threat skills with some great group vocal numbers and energetic all singing all dancing routines!

I was very impressed with the over all standard of the performers lead roles and chorus.
You should be very proud of all of your students and I wish all the 2015 graduates the very best for the future! You deserve it!'

M R Management

"M R management are proud to represent 8 graduates from TBA. We have found the standard of training to be very high & this has been reflected in the work these clients have been offered over the past two years. The level of professionalism & enthusiasm we have experienced in our dealings with the college has been excellent and this is reflected in the attitude of the pupils - dedicated, talented & easy to deal with; everything an agent could ask for!"


PaddyJoe Martin - TBA Graduate