Where the Magic Happens

The Brighton Academy doesn’t only boast top teaching, but top facilities as well, bookending Brighton, in Hove and Preston Park, each campus is a stones throw away from their prospective railway stations.

“Practice like you've never won. Perform like you've never lost”

Hove Campus

The Stephen Mear Dance Studio

The Matthew Bourne Dance Studio

The David Essex Music Room

TBA Recording Studio

Private Singing Studio

The Costume & Props Store

Student Library

Student Gym

Student Common Room

Brighton & Hove Gymnastics Centre

Preston Park Campus

The Bill Deamer Studio Theatre

The Killian Donnelly Dance Studio

The Carole Todd Music Room

Student Gym

Student Cafe

Student Common Room

TBA Cinema

3DFC Physiotherapy

TBA Recording Studio

Student Gym

Brighton and Hove Gymnastics Centre

Studio Hire

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