Professional Musical Theatre Courses

3-Year Professional Diploma Course

Our full-time, three-year diploma course is a comprehensive training programme for students looking for a complete package to take them from student-in-training to working professional. It is aimed at those who have some previous experience of Theatre Arts and Performance or those who show potential and demonstrate a strong natural ability in performance.
Course modules include: Vocal Techniques, Singing, Acting, Performance Skills, Jazz, Tap and Ballet, all with a Musical Theatre context. There are also modules on Professional Development Musical Theatre Repertoire, Theatrical Makeup, Technical Theatre, Theatre History and Industry Studies.
The diploma concludes with a London showcase and lots of support to take you into your professional career.
Entry onto the course is by audition only.
Applicants should be aged 15 or over.


3-Year HNC / HND Professional Diploma Course

Offered in collaboration with The MGA Academy of Performing Arts
Our full-time, three-year HNC / HND (Higher National Certificate / Higher National Diploma) course includes every aspect of the 3-Year Professional Diploma course with  the added opportunity to receive a recognised qualification upon its’ completion.
Entry onto the course is by audition only.
Applicants should be aged 15 or over.


1-Year Post-Graduation Course

Our Performing Arts Post-graduation Course is designed to prepare students for the demands of professional world, whilst simultaneously finessing the skills learnt in University.
The course aims to empower students to successfully audition for top professional management, thus enabling them to fully realise their careers as a performer.
The Post-graduation schedule runs for one whole academic year over FOUR terms and includes classes and workshops in Dancing, Singing, Acting, Audition Technique,  Professional Development and concludes with a professional showcase where our students will perform for some of the industries top agents, producers and creatives.
Entry onto the course is by audition only.

Professional Acting Course


2-Year Intensive Part-Time Acting Course


A Practical Course for Practical People


The aim of the Brighton Academy Acting Course is to offer the fullest training over two years as is possible in part-time hours.
It is designed specifically for those who are funding themselves and want the thoroughness of a full time training but are not ready or able to give up their day- jobs just yet.


What Makes Our Course Different?


The Course is intensive. It is structured over a four term year. Thus the total course time is eight terms. This allows us more time to include those aspects of training which can sometimes be ignored or merely glanced at on other part-time courses.


The Course


Currently each term is timetabled to run over an average of ten weeks, each week consisting of 20 teaching hours involving four weekday evenings and one w/e day.
The training includes classes in: Acting (Rehearsal and Skills); Voice (Technique, Accent, Text); Movement (Dance, Fitness, Mime/Mask, Animal Study, Stage Combat); Singing (Technique, Repertoire, Acting through Song); Texts and Contexts; Professional Preparation.
To begin with the timetable is weighted towards class and the acquisition and development of core skills, with rehearsal taking up approximately one quarter of the available time. As the course progresses, however, the balance of the timetable shifts to favour rehearsal time until, in the final two terms, it is almost entirely weighted towards rehearsal and performance for a Public Repertory Season, including a Fringe run in Brighton and a London Showcase.


The course is for people aged 18 and over (no upper age limit) and admission is by audition only.

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